Summer @ UNI

University of Northern Iowa

Continuous Registration

Application of classroom learning to field experience. Credit may not be applied to major or minor. Offered on credit/no credit basis only. May be retaken for up to six credits total.

May be repeated for maximum of 6 hours.

Studies in Clinical Practice

Seminar in Speech-Language Pathology: Early Intervention

Seminar in Speech-Language Pathology: Literacy for SLPs I

Seminars in special topics to be announced in the Schedule of Classes. No limit on number of times repeated as long as topic is different.

Clinical experience in diagnosis and remediation of speech, language, and/or hearing problems at an advanced level of preparation and responsibility. Typically taken for one eight week summer session during the graduate program. Prerequisite(s): CSD 4500 or consent of instructor; individuals must be accepted graduate students in the Speech-Language Pathology major.

Advanced clinical experience in settings such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools. Minimum 8-week, full-time internship when taken in addition to TEACHING 6250; minimum 16-week, full-time without TEACHING 6250. Prerequisite(s): admitted to graduate program in Speech-Language Pathology or department consent.

Supervised work experience in approved work situation. Offered on credit/no credit basis only. Prerequisite(s): consent of department head.

Research activities under direct supervision of Earth and Environmental Science faculty member. Credit to be determined at registration. May be repeated for maximum of 6 hours. Prerequisite(s): consent of instructor and department head.

Compensated work experience in conjunction with an academic project conducted under faculty guidance. University elective credit is given on a graded basis. Prerequisite(s): ECON 2122; ECON 2112; cumulative UNI GPA of 3.00 or higher required prior to application; consent of department head.

Workshop: Labor Market for the Millenials and Gen Z: Opportunities and Challenges

Seminar in Educational Leadership: Superintendency

Seminar in Educational Leadership: Superintendency